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Regina inspires greatness. Her eclectic, international background as a corporate leader, business owner, mindset & presence expert, and passionate dancer, combined with her engaging speaking performance, makes her an inspiring speaker for your events. Organizations and event hosts that have hired her, have called her "dynamic and fascinating," and praised her for the positive energy and uplifting spirit she has brought to their events.

"During 2018 Wall Street Exchange Closing Reception, Regina Huber delivered a dynamic, engaging, and graceful keynote on “Show up with Power & Authenticity to Drive Your Success”. Regina’s message was clear, succinct, and vivid with real-life examples and case studies. The audience was inspired and moved to act on improving their visibility at workplace.Thank you so much for a great keynote, Regina! Attendees said this is one of the best events this entire summer!" Chen Rao, Global Markets ALM Treasury Officer at BNP Paribas 

"Regina is an engaging and powerful speaker. Her tools for developing confidence and achieving greater success are both practical and tangible. We were captivated for the duration of the program. You will not regret inviting Regina to speak at your next event." Anibel Sauls, Vice President Hedge Fund Services, Northern Trust

"Regina really captivated everybody in the room." Attendee of PMI NYC Seminar

"I loved Regina's presentation so much. It was so professional and grounded at the same time. She managed to bring in spiritual principals into the business context in a way I’ve never seen before." Carolina Castro, MPA, Writer, New Jersey Regional Leader at LeanIn.org

"I, like the attendees to the closing session of this year’s Wall Street Exchange Program, had the wonderful opportunity to witness the very engaging and inspiring presentation  by Regina Huber vis-à-vis best practices to 'Drive Your Career, Increase Your Impact to Be Seen and Move  Up.' Regina was terrific with a delivery style and message that resonated with not only the Wall Street Exchange Participants, but the entire audience of accomplished professionals. For me, it was an eye opener of the importance of 'body consciousness' and of 'upgrading one’s sub-consciousness.' As Regina reminded the audience, 'awareness is the first step in effectuating changes'…. Kudos!!!" Marline Alexander, FWA Wall Street Exchange Co-Chair

"Thank you for your amazing contribution to the [WIFS] conference and your vibrant presence. I was so impressed with your passion through your presentation." Krista Neeley, MVP Appreciation Financial

“You are a fantastic speaker! Thank you so much for giving a wonderful talk to our Hoboken Lean In circle. Everybody was very engaged. Power Dancing was the highlight of the evening. I felt empowered and left with some very important concepts.” Manisha Sachdev, Co-Moderator Lean In Hoboken, Masters Student at NYU

“Regina was great! She provided me with the action points and inspiration to take charge of my life. It was a reminder that we are all unique and can make an impact!” BNY Mellon Employee

"Watching Regina Huber take command on stage is a beautiful thing. She leads, teaches and moderates with poise and confidence. Her love of dance is her unique way of how she inspires her audiences to engage in the conversation of confidence and leadership." Alyssa Polcek-Peek, NYC Photographer for Women

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Regina's Favorite Speaking Topics:

1. Drive Your Career: Increase Your Impact to Be Seen & Move Up

By the end of this talk, you will walk away with actionable ideas and tools to move up in your career.

2. Invisible to Unstoppable: How to Become a Top Leader

By the end of this talk, you will step into your leadership potential so you can get the promotion you want and make the money you deserve.

3. show up with power and authenticity to drive your success

By the end of this talk, you will walk away inspired and empowered to gain visibility with your authentic brilliance and a compelling business presence. 

4. Stop Blending in, Start Standing out

In this session, we will play with ways to dig up your “golden assets” – qualities that allow you to stand out and distinguish yourself as an expert or a leader.

Photos by event organizers and participants, inc. WIFS and FWA.

Partial Client List:

ABWA (American Business Women's Association)

AMA (American Management Association) Women’s Leadership Center NYC




BNY Mellon

Chapman and Cutler LLP

CID (Conseil International de la Danse) (UNICEF)

CRTV (Cameroon Radio Television): Midi Life show

Diversity Women's Business Leadership Conference

Duval & Stachenfeld LLP


FWA (Financial Women's Association) NYC

IDS (Interior Design Society) NYC


MassMutual NJ-NYC


Dr. Nancy O'Reilly

NAPW (National Association of Professional Women)

New York School of Interior Design / NY Eleven Plus

Northern Trust


Princeton TV

Savvy Ladies

Strategic Minds Show

UC Berkeley Law School

United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women CSW61

WIFS (Women in Insurance & Financial Services) 

WOVSA (Women of Value South Africa)

WSA (Women Speakers Association)