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Kick into High Gear in Q1!


Are you ready for 2019?

If you’re like most people, you want 2019 to be your best year ever. But haven’t we all said this year after year: “It’s going to be my best year ever!” But then, what happened? How did this work out for you in 2018? Putting in too many hours but still not getting where you want?

I’m guessing you are super smart, you have great ideas and work really hard… So if you haven’t reached your 2018 goals or your ideal career level, could it be that it’s time to upgrade to a(n even more) self-empowering mindset?

  • Do you want to shift into high gear right away and uplevel your success starting in month 1?

  • Would you like to attain your monthly income goal before Q1 is over?

  • What about starting 2019 in a way that will benefit your career ever after, well beyond this year?

If this sounds exciting to you, join me in my program

Kick into High Gear in Q1… and into Your Next Level of Success in 2019

Here’s what you get:

  • Starter Checklist

  • Two 60-min. Group Coaching Video Sessions (+ recordings) in January 2019 (value: $500)

  • 30-min. Group Q&A Session (+ recording) in February 2019 (value: $100)

  • 30-min. Private Phone or Video Session in January/February 2019 (value: $300), inc. Starter Checklist

  • Tools to upgrade to a self-empowering mindset and heart-set ($500, but really priceless!)

  • List of affirmations that work ($50)

  • Vision template and revision of your vision by Regina ($150)

Total value: $1,600

Your Investment until December 31 only: $397

$397 - Yep, that’s all you pay!

For a lifetime of self-empowerment... because no one can empower you but yourself.

Give yourself this tax-deductible gift in 2018 so you can create the 2019 you truly want… and give your loved ones (and yourself) even bigger gifts in 2019!

Let’s make all your future years your best years ever! Trust yourself! You can do it.

With a self-empowering mindset and heart-set, anything is possible.