Only You Can Decide if You’re Ready to Change Your Life



Have you been putting off standing up for yourself in your career, renegotiating your salary, asking for a raise or a promotion? Have you been delaying a career move into a different position, organization or industry? Have you been sticking it out in a job that’s no longer fulfilling? – If so, why?

Why would you delay something as important as any of the steps mentioned above if they can bring you more money, more joy, more fulfillment, and even more health? – Well, probably because change is hard for many. Change implies uncertainty, making friends with the unknown. We often don’t feel ready. And when we don’t feel ready, we have three options:

  • stay stuck

  • do it anyway (and suffer through it), or

  • transform so we feel empowered to take (more effective) action, attract their right people, resources and opportunities into our lives that favor our desired result, and enjoy the process.

So in short, it’s stuck, push or pull.

When we look for excuses to stay stuck, we’ll always find one (or many). Excuses like these:

  1. “I don’t know how. and I don’t have the money to hire a coach to help me through this.”

  2. “I don’t have time to take the necessary steps.” …And my favorite:

  3. “It’s not the right time.”

Allow me to address these three excuses:

  1. “I don’t know how, and I don’t have the money to hire a coach to help me through this.”

    If you think you can’t invest money in a coach (and unless you’re in a real financial bind), there are 2 options:

a)       The slow path: Find free resources online. There are a lot of free YouTube videos, audios and webinars as well as low-ticket books you can use as crutches. This is the most time-consuming way, as it may take you a while to find the resources that really serve you, and of course you won’t have anyone who can direct you to your blind spots and do some deep expert work that can catapult you forward. But hey, it’s an option.

b)      The fast path: Overcome your resistance to investing in yourself and find a transformational coach that offers 3 key elements as part of a customized coaching program

  • a great personal fit (someone you can trust and who can relate as a result of their story or bio)

  • ongoing support throughout the program, e.g. through email

  • an ROI measurement tool that allows you to track your progress with the parameters you define (whether it’s a higher income; greater visibility; enhancing your business, meeting and speaking presence; or a combination of several successes).

When we know that something’s right for us, that it is “what we need,” but are still hesitant to invest in ourselves, that’s usually because we don’t trust ourselves to create the change we want. So, be honest with yourself: Do you trust yourself to create what you really, really want?

2. “I don’t have time to take the necessary steps.”

I get it: We are all so terribly busy. The thing is, the busier and stressed you are, the higher your need to transform.

Don’t get me wrong. There are certainly days and weeks when there’s truly not a lot of time available because we have some pressing priorities: maybe we’re traveling with lots of moving pieces on our schedules, or we’re getting prepared to present at several different events, or we’re recovering from a serious illness, or we’re dealing with some urgent family matters that take all of our attention outside of our work schedule. But that’s about it, and these periods usually are about a week long.

Being too busy for an extended period of time to take care of your own needs is a problem that can result in serious consequences, from excessive stress to burn-out to health problems. And when your health is not intact, everything else can fall apart. Sustained success requires self-care and often also investing in a solid support system.

3. “It’s not the right time.”

My favorite excuse… because it’s so obvious. There is no perfect moment. Why would you delay your transformation knowing that you can benefit from it longer if you start now? Therefore, the best (and most perfect time) to start is now. And enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life! Transformational work is not situational. While we work on specific situations to progress with them, grow through them and enjoy greater success, the learning and growth gained can now be applied to any future situations. Makes sense?

So here’s the question: Are you either doing great and everything’s going as you want it to go, or are you ready for your decision to change? – And if not, what’s blocking you from that decision?

If you’re perfectly happy with your life right now, if everything’s falling into place for you in synchronicity, great! Congratulations, that’s awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing and upgrade when you feel a need. For now, just focus on staying prosperous, happy and healthy, and on keeping your channels open for abundance of wealth, health and happiness to keep flowing in. 

If not, let’s have a closer look!

  • Maybe you’re reasonably happy in your job and personal life, but seriously underpaid for all the value and dedication you bring to the table? Or constantly being passed over for promotions?

  • Maybe you’ve been quite successful in your career so far but are starting to feel anxious and unfulfilled?

  • Maybe you’ve built a thick financial cushion and you’re enjoying great wealth but feeling stressed out as the weight on your shoulders is often just too much for one person? Maybe this is even taking a toll on your health?

These are clear indicators that something needs to change.

Excessive stress, illness and unhappy feelings are pointers that something is “out of whack,” meaning out of balance or out of alignment.

  • Balance of what? – For example, balance of work and rest; of dedication and reward or compensation; of giving and taking; of caring for work and others on the one hand, and self-care on the other.

  • Alignment with what? – Alignment with your expected and well-deserved compensation for all the value you bring to the table; alignment with your passion and purpose, with what your inner being wants you to do and how it wants you to feel.

If you want to upgrade your career, start a new chapter in your life, increase your income or just be happier, less stressed and more fulfilled, then the question is:

Are you ready to take that step? Are you ready to transform into that powerful you you are meant to be, that successful person that’s already inside of you, and to be seen as such? Maybe you know deep down that it’s time to tackle this but are unsure where to start or what to do? – No worries! I’m here to guide and support you.

Because you deserve to do the work you love, to be well compensated and to live a happy, fulfilled and healthy life. Schedule a call and let’s chat!

Here’s what what one of my recent clients said: “Thank you for everything you’ve opened me up to. Things are flowing much more smoothly.” And another one: “I’m excited about my promotion this July. Could probably not have done it on my own. So glad I signed up for this program with you!”

What story do you want to tell yourself by the end of this year? Is it a story of the same old or a fresh story of renewed success and happiness? Are you ready to step into that new story and that new you? If so, schedule your call now.