Creating Success with Less Stress and More Fulfillment Is Easier than You Think - with the Right Habits

Image by Gerd Altmann

Image by Gerd Altmann

90% of Success That Comes with Fulfillment Is Mindset

Just keep working hard! Persist and one day you’ll be successful. Someday, you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work! – Sounds familiar? Is it working for you?

It’s a statement we’ve all heard often enough. Yet, when we look around, we see millions of people who’ve been working hard for years, some have multiple jobs, and they are still scraping by. Or they may even be “successful” but they are so overworked that they’re suffering from severe burnout or even worse, from serious health conditions as a result of extreme stress.

On the other end of the stick, we see people who don’t seem to be working all that hard, and yet, they are very well-off (without inheriting a fortune) and they seem to be enjoying a life filled with purpose, joy and all the good stuff.

So maybe the phrase “just work hard and you’ll see success” was invented by those who benefit from you working hard? And it may also have seemed the only solution for many of our parents or grandparents after making it through a devastating war or a major economic crisis, or after migrating to a different country or continent in search of a better life. They probably experienced tremendous stress in the process.

In fact, most people spend 70% of their lives in stress mode! – How about you?

While you likely get better results through hard work than through doing nothing, the (possibly surprising) truth is: 90% of your success depends on your mindset, especially when you’re looking for a personally fulfilling career (and not just one to fill your bank account, an exhausting career just to someday retire to a “better life”).

When I say “mindset,” what’s important to realize is that 95% of our behavior is driven by our subconscious mind. It’s our subconscious programming that determines the level of our success, health, wealth and pretty much everything else in our lives. If it were our conscious mind, just through our desires we would all be highly successful, rich and healthy, and we’d have the most amazing relationships. We would be living our dream lives. But because our lives are not in perfect shape at all times, despite our well-intentioned wishes, something else must in charge. You guessed it: It’s our subconscious conditioning.

Our subconscious is also largely responsible for our habits, and our habits create our results. Habits are actions or sets of actions that become routines. You repeat them over and over, and soon they have you on autopilot. (It’s like driving your car: Once you’ve gotten into the routine, you can drive it without thinking about it; you’ve programmed your subconscious to take care of it.)

Habits are series of automatic (i.e., unconscious) thoughts and behaviors generated by repetition. These thoughts and behaviors trigger specific familiar feelings, which create the false sensation of safety because they are familiar (“the known”).

Engaging in new, unfamiliar-feeling thought processes and behaviors means to step into the unknown, which always feels a bit scary… until these new behaviors become patterns as well and therefore turn into habits.

So let’s assume you want to reduce your stress level, increase your productivity or effectiveness, and achieve certain goals or live your dream vision.

But then, because it feels scary to your subconscious to do something different, you replicate yesterday’s routine today, you keep your same habits and repeat them day after day, what does that mean? – It means that your today is going to look a lot like your yesterday, and your future will be a repetition of your past.

Your past is responsible for your current habits, meaning your past is creating your future instead of you creating it. Your subconscious programming (conditioning) puts you on autopilot, and your free will is outplaced by this programming.

So… what if you could change this program by creating more empowering habits? Willpower alone is often not enough to change our habits into more empowering ones. (Remember, we largely operate from autopilot and change feels scary.) What we need is consistency, and a system that supports this consistency and therefore the process of change.

That’s why we have created Habit Programs that help you do exactly that. These programs provide you with daily automated exercises, and they also allow you to add your own wanted habits and goals, measure your progress with “Key Performance Indicators” (or call it ROI) and more.

Here’s what you get:

2 Habit Programs of Your Choice, e.g. Success and Fulfillment at Work and Become an Emotional Intelligence Genius (3 months)

16-Factor Personality Assessment

General Well-Being Survey

Private Coaching Support through Messaging

1 15-min. Orientation Session

1 30-min. Private Coaching Call in week 11 ($300 value)

All for just $147!

Proven results:

This is what some recent users said after just 3 weeks:

“I have to say this weekend was the best yet. I felt so inspired being able to focus on meaningful work.”

“This program has really helped. I’ve been more mindful and am proud to respond mindfully to a passive-aggressive email from a co-worker.”

 “Just the first few weeks really helped me get through a few situations, really appreciate it.”

“My attitude has changed completely, and I am far less stressed.”

 “I haven't been frustrated at all this week.”

And… the employees of a recruiting firm with 11 offices used one a Habit Program for 3 months and increased their job placements by 25%. Not bad! And it shows us that it can have a tremendous impact on team effectiveness as well.

What about you? Are you ready to create a new future, different to your past? A more empowered future? A future with less stress and more fulfillment? More success with greater ease? – You can!