You Are Plastic

Image by John Hain

Image by John Hain

Reminding you to “re-mind” because…

…95% of your behavior is driven by your subconscious mind. This means you think you’re in control, but you are really not. What’s in control is your subconscious programming. And a big portion of your subconscious programming are your habits.

Habits are a good thing… some are. And you may have some of these good ones, like brushing your teeth or practicing yoga. But then there are those sticky habits that you’ve been wanting to get rid of forever… For the most part, you don’t even remember how you got them in the first place. And then, there are these seemingly out-of-reach habits that you’ve been trying to acquire with so much effort for weeks, months, or even years! Like working out, focusing on your vision or your revenue-generating tasks, showing up with a “can do” attitude, being nice to your co-workers, staying calm when a deadline is looming or when the workplace gets heated,… the list goes on.

Just about a week ago, I published my LinkedIn article Change Your Habits, Change Your Life. It explains why changing habits is so hard. It’s because your habits are determined by your subconscious programming, and your subconscious programming keeps you on autopilot. It’s a conglomeration of beliefs you have acquired through your experiences, genes and other ways that you may or may not know about. You’ve probably read somewhere that your brain pretty much gets wired during the first seven years of your life. That’s right, although it starts way before you’re born, and it’s also true that you keep adding new neural networks through your experiences throughout your life. And you reinforce existing networks (both those that serve you and those that don’t). But just as you are adding new neural networks, you can also undo your previous wiring. You can interrupt neural connections. Because for the most part, you are actually not hard-wired. You are plastic. Or rather, your brain is plastic.

Neuroplasticity (or brain malleability) is the brain’s ability to form new neural connections throughout your entire life. As you re-wire, you create new neural networks. Some of the re-wiring takes place as you have new, previously unknown experiences. This happens automatically, and this new wiring may also create new (wanted or unwanted) habits. But what if you could consciously choose what habits you want to you cultivate? What if you could consciously re-wire your brain? What if you could “re-mind” yourself of and for positive change?

Well, you can. As you become the observers of your behavior and your thoughts, you can determine which ones you want to change. That’s the first part of the good news, although that’s not really helping you, unless you have tremendous will power (which most people don’t and which is why they get frustrated very quickly). Don’t get me wrong: Becoming the observer of the habitual thoughts and actions you want to change is a great first step, but this awareness alone doesn’t teach you how to change them yet.  

So here’s the second piece of the good news: There are tools that make the re-wiring (and therefore replacing your undesired habits with more desirable ones) easier, and we’ve created such a tool for you: Success and Fulfillment at Work. It’s a “habit program” that allows you to build positive habits… with a time investment of 3-10 minutes/day, and at a very low price point because 1) we believe that everyone should be able to experience self-empowering tools, and 2) it should be a no-brainer decision for skeptics… because we know this stuff works, not only from our own experience but from that of our clients:

After only 2 weeks of consistently using this program, clients report “a more positive attitude, being happier and less stressed, finding time to take care of myself, being less reactive to passive-aggressive co-workers, getting more work done in less time,” among other benefits. Who doesn’t want to be less stressed? (…Which by the way also positively influences your health wiring.)

Here’s your chance to re-wire and create more empowering habits for a month, while receiving online support and a 30-minute coaching session ($300 value): Success and Fulfillment at Work.

When it comes to creating more empowering habits, there’s no better time to start than today. Because your success, your fulfillment, your health and your life are worth it.