Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

Image by ar130405 on Pixabay

Image by ar130405 on Pixabay

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results." (Albert Einstein)

Are Your Habits Keeping You Stuck?

We all want to thrive, personally and professionally. But all too often “life gets in the way,” or rather, we get in our own way. That’s because of our repetitive thought and behavioral patterns, our limiting habits. When we practice more empowering habits, that’s when we can more easily create the success and life we want.

So if you are currently not at the level of success and freedom you want, if your career is not advancing at the pace you want it to advance, if your business is not generating the desired income although you’re working really hard and “doing all the right things,” could it be that your current habits are keeping you stuck? 

Have You Been Trying… and Trying… and Trying?

Has it been hard for you to create positive change? Have you tried to implement an empowering morning routine, but you just can't get yourself to do it? Is it easier to find an excuse... every single morning? Or have you wanted to work out more but you just can’t find the time for it? Or should you be working on your book but you’re putting it off week after week? And not only are you not making progress but you’re also destroying your self-esteem as you constantly disappoint yourself? Do you wake up with that thought of “I should…” only to let yourself (and others) down day after day, week after week?

Or maybe you know you should have a critical conversation with a co-worker but he triggers you so much that you just can’t make yourself do it and you rather put up with a toxic work environment? You want to be emotionally intelligent but after the first two words you slip into impatience as your colleague “just doesn’t get it?”

Or should you be advocating for yourself and be more visible in your organization but you are so used to keeping your head down and waiting to be discovered that you don’t know how to empower yourself to create that career you’ve been dreaming of?

Has it been hard to change your habits? Have you become their servant or even their prisoner? Are you struggling to free yourself of those habits that have turned into shackles?

The truth is, it's uncomfortable to change your habits. It requires an incredible amount of discipline. It’s hard.

On the other hand, it's easy for your subconscious programming (which determines 95% of your behavior) to convince you that there's not enough time, you should stay in bed longer, you should check the news or your email or Facebook (and thus add stress to your day right away)... or whatever your excuse is! Deep down, you know that this is not really an obligation. You know that you should be free to make a different choice. Nevertheless, you allow yourself to stay stuck. You hand your power over to your subconscious programming, which keeps you on auto-pilot.

And this continues as you move through your day: You know you "should" put your best foot forward to gain visibility with the right people in your organization; you "should" feel inspired and empowered, but somehow, it's just not happening. Instead, you feel anxious and overwhelmed, or straight-out frustrated or angry. And you blame your circumstances or your co-workers. But where does blaming take you? You guessed the answer... because as Einstein said: "Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results."

Why Is Change So Hard?

So why is it so hard to change your habits? – Here’s why: You have created (and re-confirmed) your current habits through your upbringing, your cultural and educational conditioning, your thinking and your experiences during your entire life so far... Actually, let me correct that: This downward spiral started even before you were born. Because you already received some of your limiting beliefs in your genes... thank you very much! And the tricky part is that so many of these beliefs are unconscious. Some of them are so absurd, if you’d say them out loud, they wouldn’t make the least sense to your conscious mind.

But what's not unconscious (at least not completely) are your habits. You can observe them. You can become aware of them as you observe your own behavior and identify patterns. This helps you discern a disconnect of what you want to achieve and the behavior that’s not leading you there. Look at your current results and trace them back to certain habits!

That's the first step but it's not enough! Awareness alone won't do it. Getting different results requires different actions, a different behavior. And as we have seen, a different behavior requires a change in habits.

So if change is hard, how can it become easier?

Create a Pathway to Freedom and Success!

Some say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. For our purpose here, let’s assume this number is correct. If you embarked on one of these 21-day exercises before, you may have seen results… although you may have been guided to work on one single habit at a time. If you do this consistently over a year, you could change 17 habits. The question is: Will you? Because most of us don’t have the patience to work one habit at a time every single day of the year without a system that prompts us to do this.

What if you could have a system and change several habits at a time? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Would you like to explore a daily practice that allows you to change your habits so you can stay aligned with your vision and on track towards it? What if you could control overwhelm, be more productive, improve your professional well-being…. and reprogram yourself into more empowering habits that lead to permanent positive change? What if you could improve your emotional intelligence by turning EQ exercises into new habits?

And what if this could accelerate your career? What if it could change your life, give you more success and fulfillment? What if you could live a happier and healthier life with less stress and more freedom?

Experience this with proven “Habit Programs.” Expect greater mindfulness, less stress and overwhelm, a more positive outlook, easier self-motivation, daily inspiration to stay focused, a better mood and higher productivity, just to name a few… with a daily time investment of as little as 3-10 minutes. 


Reach out to me directly through the Contact page of my website. I look forward to answering your questions and setting you up for greater success. A low ticket that can lead to high ROI… provided you invest just a few minutes a day.