Venus Will Not Turn Retrograde This Year

Venus will not go into retrograde in 2019. It's a great year for love and for women. Let's step it up! And let's just start with some self-appreciation.

The year has started with a bang for women in many ways: We are seeing women more women in political roles, more women actively standing up for themselves and those who don't have a voice. It's gotten really busy in the women's camp!

Venus is on our side. 2019 is a year when she will not turn retrograde. Why not make the best of it? Look at all the great work you did in 2018, the challenges you worked through, the lessons you learned, the relationships and networks you built, the ideas you generated... to prepare for your personal Big Bang this year, when Venus is on your side. 

Be the bright star the sky! 

Image by ScienceFreak

Image by ScienceFreak

We can only shine brightly when we see our own light. So this Valentine's it's time to shine some light on our beauty, our power. Practice self-esteem, self-love; focus on your "heart-set." Let Venus guide you in this practice...

Venus is about beauty , harmony and pleasure, and she wants you to enjoy yourself… enjoy your self! Find pleasure in self-appreciation, be in harmony with who you are deep inside, with your true self, but also with your beautiful body, your talents and passions, the fun parts of your personality. Venus wants you to be happy and appreciative of yourself and your possessions, both material and intangible.

When you find your own attractiveness, you will attract those to you that feel energetically drawn by it. On the other hand, when you don’t see it yourself, it becomes harder for others to see it in you. It’s all about the energy you emanate.

Ask yourself: Am I shining brightly or am I dimming my light?

In order to shine more brightly from the inside out, indulge in pleasurable activities this Valentine’s (and beyond). Treat yourself to a dance class, a massage, a facial, a bouquet of roses, a piece of jewelry, a meditation, some “me” time… or whatever feels enjoyable to you. Practice the feeling of joy and appreciation. Hold yourself in high esteem.

Open up your heart and let yourself into your heart. Bring the Venus energy into your heart space. You can do this through the mere intention or, if that seems hard, by closing your eyes and breathing into your heart energy center. See your heart open up with your inner eye. Allow it to connect with Venus love.

Whether you celebrate your love with someone else or with yourself, it always starts with self-love.

Image created by Mireille de Potter, Photo by me

Image created by Mireille de Potter, Photo by me