Is Your Soul Searching You?

Image by Gerd Altmann

Image by Gerd Altmann

If you’re reading this article, that’s a sign that you’ve done some soul searching at some point in your life… As one of my subscribers, you’re likely an avid pursuer of your purpose, whether you’re clear on it or still trying to figure it out. (Any of the two options are perfectly fine.)

But what if your soul were searching you?

Have you ever considered this possibility? What if your soul were desperately trying to reach you but you were too busy to listen… to hear its call, to see the signs, to sense its attempts to connect with you?

You’re too busy fretting over lost opportunities (which may just not have been the best choice for you), a layoff (which happened because you hadn’t made an overdue decision), a break-up (which was really a break-out of a relationship that wasn’t really nurturing)…

What if it were your inner being that’s pulling these (wrong) opportunities, jobs, relationships out of your life to open up space for real opportunities; opportunities that magnify your brilliance, a new job or project that’s more aligned with what you really came to this planet for, relationships that honor who you are?

Several of my current coaching clients “lost” their jobs before signing up with me… just to discover that there’s something more exciting, more fulfilling in store for them. These women (and some men) at any age are opening up new possibilities, while uncovering their true essence, their genius and brilliance, and how to turn them into their next big chapter.

Some are walking into a new corporate position with glamour and glory, confidently owning who they are and what they bring to the table. Others have started a new business or are taking it to higher heights. Many are building new relationships of all sorts.

The truth is: If you feel an itch but resist the change and growth you’re here to live for, at one point your soul with get you. And that’s not always pleasant.

Let me give you some real-life examples from my recent past: I’ve had several opportunities slip away from me in the last two months, and given that I love speaking and teaching, this has been somewhat painful as these were all opportunities to do just that, and they looked enticing. One was an opportunity to speak at the United Nations during the General Assembly week this past month, the second a teaching gig in China, and the third a speech at a royal ceremony in South Africa. All of them popped up on my screen unexpectedly, but were also pulled away under the strangest circumstances, one of which you could clearly call “self-sabotage.”

In hindsight, I know that they were not meant to happen. Not because there was something wrong with these opportunities. No! – There was a higher force at play. It was pulling the strings, and it even resisted my fiercest efforts to change the circumstances in some cases. It was just not going to let me be there! The second “lost opportunity” was easy to justify as I was already booked speaking at a law firm in NYC on that date, and the third one was just purely a result of lack of communication on the organizer’s part. But that’s not the point: As a result of some deep introspection, I realized that it was my soul pulling me out of these situations. Why? – They were not the right options at that specific time, and they could have derailed me somehow… not because of any “rational” reason but just because... (and yes, I now can clearly intuit the real reasons, which would be too complicated to explain here.)

So what I learned is, I need to listen even more to my soul and my heart. There is no analytical thinking that can replace this. Analytical thinking, while valuable in business settings, is much more limited than the full perceptive power we really have. We are just not trained to use our full innate perception and comprehension abilities. That’s why I’ve been working diligently to train myself in them. They are like a muscle: We’ve got to exercise them to make them stronger.

The good news is: Listening to your soul’s messages can be delicious… when you don’t resist them. Take time out to spend with your inner being, to hear its voice. Learn to trust your intuition. Live, work and decide from your heart: What feels good? What’s the energy you perceive from a specific situation or proposal?

So I’m curious: What’s your experience with all of this? Have you experienced your soul searching you and if so, how? Has it found you? Is it time to finally pause and listen?

Would love to hear from you about this.