Are You Plugged into Your Power?

You cannot lose your power. But you may have shut it down.

Have you ever gone through a painful or challenging experience that had you feel like you were powerless? Like you gave away your power, handed it over to someone else without wanting to, or like you lost your power through this experience? – Let me tell you something: You cannot lose your power. All you did is temporarily disconnect from it, however devastating the experience may seem to you.

So the question is: Did you (fully) reconnect to your power since you went through that experience? Do you own how powerful you really are?

We all have unlimited power inside of us. It’s innate. We’re just often not connected to it, we haven’t activated it. It's lying there dormant. As long as it’s not activated, it seems unavailable to us, as if it’s not even there. It’s a bit as if we were trying to switch on the TV without plugging in the power cord. Power energy cannot flow.

tv-2213140_1920Alexander Antropov.png

So how do you plug in your inner power cord?  How do you access this inner power? – Through your mind, your body, and your energy.

A while ago, I made a video with a simple tool that can help you activate your power energy within a matter of a few minutes or even seconds, once you’ve practiced it. Check it out here: Connect with Your Inner Power.

There are many ways to tap into your power, which I share in my coaching and workshops. Once you’ve connected with your power and can now truly put it to work for yourself, what are you going to do with it to benefit your career, your business, or the cause you want to support? What other tools, strategies or breakthroughs do you need to make your plans happen, to make your career goals, your vision and you dream come true?

If you are truly committed to your vision and your dream, I’d be honored to support you with one specific breakthrough, tool or strategy on a complimentary 30-minute call. Because I like dreamers. They are the ones who never stop growing, the ones who consciously transform their own reality and positively impact those around them, the ones who create significant change for a world fun living in. Click here to sign up and we’ll get your power to flow.