What Are You Going to Create for Yourself in 2019? – How to Step into Your Excellence Potential

What’s your vision for your 2019? Did you write it down yet? What exactly do you want to achieve for yourself? – I’m not talking about resolutions. Just ditch those; they are useless, and in most cases, they only lead to frustration and self-resentment. – What I’m talking about is a vision.

But first, let’s take a look back at 2018: What have you accomplished this year? Make a list of all your accomplishments and take a moment to be proud of yourself. No one else could have achieved exactly the same results; no one could have done it in the same way as you.

  • If 2018 has been a year of tough learning for you, take a deep breath and accept the lessons so you can build on them next year. This may involve moving out of victim mode, forgiving yourself and others, and leaving all types of resentment behind.

  • If it’s been a time to find clarity for your next phase, have you figured out what that next phase would ideally look like? If not, take some time this December to reflect on this and then decide which one step you can take in that direction before the year ends.

  • If it’s been a year of success, how can you take that success to the next level? Is it time to be intrepid and take bold action, to make a courageous move, to step into a leadership role?

Really take some time with this. It can be extremely eye- and mind-opening, and it allows you to address your 2019 challenges in a more powerful way.

Once you’ve completed your review of 2018, it’s time to take a preview of 2019. We all use only a relatively small portion of our potential, which is truly unlimited… How much we use, depends solely on us. So what’s keeping us from using more of it? The following are some possible reasons:

  1. Distractions and a lack of focus

  2. Convenience of current habits and the lack of discipline to replace them with new, more empowering habits

  3. Limiting thought/feeling patterns and a lack of commitment to turn them around into positive thoughts/feelings

  4. Confusion and a lack of clarity

  5. Fear

Let’s have a closer look at these obstacles.

1. Distractions and a lack of focus

What could be distracting you? Other people’s agendas? The news? Social media? Maybe just useless repetitive thoughts? A cluttered workspace or home? A tendency to live other people’s lives and resolve their problems? Anxiety?

We all have distractions in our lives that are worth getting rid of. What are they for you? – List your distractions, spot them as they show up in your life and make a decision to no longer give them attention. Declutter your desk, your workplace, your email. Make space for creative ideas and for concentration and become more productive and effective.

2. Convenience of current habits and the lack of discipline to replace them with new, more empowering habits

I don’t use the word “comfort zone.” Why? – Because most of the time, it’s not comfortable at all to be in our “comfort zone.” It’s just more convenient; that’s why I prefer the term “convenience zone.” It’s that place that our habits keep us stuck in. Some of us are so caught up in our habits that our habits become us. But they are not really who we are. They are just a behavior, a result of our subconscious programming. The good news is: If we are programmed in one way right now, then it’s also possible to re-program ourselves, get rid of the viruses in our minds and upgrade our software.

Let me share one specific practice has turned around several of my clients’ lives: a morning routine. Do you have a routine that sets you up for a successful day? Or do you check emails, follow other people’s agendas, and rush out to work without dedicating a single minute to your own well-being? Most successful people have a morning routine that includes at least one of the following practices if not all: meditation, gratefulness, physical exercise/yoga, journaling, reading something inspiring, visualization, positive affirmations or questions, defining one thing they are going to accomplish that day.

If you’ve never had a success morning routine and find it challenging to get up earlier, it’s ok to start with 10-15 minutes. Record your affirmations or visualization exercise on your phone and listen to them while driving or taking the train to work… no extra time needed for that! Tune into an inspiring YouTube audio instead of the latest disaster news.

If you currently only meditate in the morning, add some yoga or a brisk walk or a few minutes of cardio exercise. My thing is dance. It invigorates me and puts me in high-vibe mode. Choose something that you can easily convince yourself to do. If you only work out, add a few minutes of stillness or a guided meditation. If you already have an extensive self-care routine, congratulations! Keep doing it and benefiting from it.

3. Limiting thought/feeling patterns and a lack of commitment to turn them around into positive thoughts/feelings

Habits are a result of our thoughts and feelings. The question is: Are you thinking your thoughts or are your thoughts thinking you? It’s critical to become the observer of your thoughts and feelings. It allows you to nip any thoughts that don’t serve you in the bud – easy as that… You just have be consistent with it. Here’s a little trick: Whenever you catch a limiting thought that’s keeping you stuck or smaller than you really are, tell the thought that you have something better to think about right now, then turn it around into a positive “what if” question. Example: When you have a thought telling you that you it is hard to renegotiate your compensation, reframe that thought into “What if it could be easy?” Another powerful question is “What would it look like if I could increase my income?” These “what if” or “what would it look like” questions give you a positive outlook, they trigger positive expectations, they change your subconscious filters (and programming), and they stimulate your mind to look for solutions. They can also increase your confidence to achieve what you want. Play with this and observe what happens.

Thoughts are connected to feelings. When you turn your negative thoughts around, this also will make you feel better. And feeling good about yourself and your dreams is an essential ingredient to make them come true.

4. Confusion and a lack of clarity

At the beginning of our work together, a lot of my clients complain about a lack of clarity, about not knowing what’s next. They feel unfulfilled but just can’t seem to figure out what their purpose really is. They are looking for that project that both challenges and satisfies them. Highly creative people often suffer from the “shiny objects” syndrome; they have a wealth of ideas and they may even perceive a world of opportunities around them but somehow most of these options seem evasive or they don’t know which ones to choose. They want to make an impact in their own way… But what does that even mean, their own way? This can cause a lot of anxiety.

If you are preparing for 2019 in this state, you may not be as successful as you wish. I suggest you use some specific tools to find clarity. Start by asking yourself: What lifts me up? What comes easy to me? What am I truly passionate about? What would I like to see changed in my organization, in the world? Who do I admire and why? What have they achieved? Is it something I may want to achieve, in my very own way? – Asking questions and journaling (i.e., articulating evasive, incoherent thoughts into a meaningful context) can help you make progress on your path to gaining clarity. Start now! Go on a journey to self-discovery, do some soul-searching. Greater self-awareness leads to personal transformation, which in turn brings out some new pieces of your potential… Be prepared, you may be pleasantly surprised and challenged at the same time. Dare to see that potential in you and to put the puzzle pieces together into your next big thing.

5. Fear

Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of rejection or fear of facing our real purpose (because that may require taking bold action), fear is a projection into the future that expects an unwanted outcome. So we must face our fear, look it in the eye and tell it that it’s ok for it to leave. The role of fear is to protect us, to keep us alive, but fear is so deeply ingrained in our subconscious programming and in our cells that it also shows up when it’s not useful, when there’s no real threat. So it’s not about avoiding fear at all cost but rather about managing it; about being in control when fear shows up.

If you find this hard, make it a new habit to observe your fear when it shows up, take a few deep breaths and allow it to leave. Or experiment with looking at your situation from a bird’s perspective. Is your problem truly too big to overcome? Is your goal too ambitious to achieve? – Maybe not. But where there’s fear, there is no way. Fear obstructs advancement. Once you get fear out of the way – or, if that seems impossible, move through it and take the next possible step despite your fear, however small that step may seem –, that’s when the path clears up. Taking action is a magnificent fear buster.

With these tools, it should be less daunting to tackle your vision for 2019. Implement them now, before the new year even starts, so you can step into January 1 with positive anticipation, expecting all the great things you absolutely can attain… if you trust yourself and your unlimited potential. This is how you step into your excellence and into your authentic genius.

So… what’s your vision for 2019? What are you going to create for yourself?

What if you could get powerful support right at the beginning of the year? How would this change how you show up for your success? From my experience with my clients, I known that for many, doing it alone is easier said than done and learning concrete self-empowering tools can make all the difference. If you’re like most of us and you’d like some extra support and guidance, an accountability system that pushes you forward in Q1, check out my new program Kick into High Gear in Q1… and into Your Next Level of Success in 2019.

I look forward to serving you, so you can truly live your best year ever.