I Dare You to Kick 2018 off like a Champion

What words do you want to say in December 2018 about the year that's about to end?

What are your plans for the coming year? What are the words you want to say on December 31, 2018? Maybe something along the lines:

  • I upgraded my own career and that of the people I touched.
  • I have created the success I want and I am bringing in the money I need to live my desired lifestyle, while making a major impact.
  • I am doing the work I love, while generating massive income.
Image by Gerd Altmann

Image by Gerd Altmann

Want to play big in 2018? - Let's get started!
1. Ditch your New Year's resolutions
2. Write down your vision, make a plan, set specific goals
3. Elevate your energetic vibration

1. Ditch your New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions are usually some type of self-promises we haven't been able to keep in the past, like: "This year I'll quite smoking. This year I'll work out several days a week. This year I'll make more money.... blablabla..."

Be honest with yourself: How many of your New Year's resolutions have ever been effective? - If you're like most people, probably not that many. Chances are that you got more frustration than results. That's because most of these resolutions have too much resistance attached to them. Rather than excitement, they cause anxiety. They don't seem appealing to us and even less to our subconscious mind... because they are opposed to our past experiences or our real self-expectation. We have disappointed ourselves before by not keeping these promises. Why would we do better just because the year is 2018?

If your New Year's resolution don't feel good, ditch them! -- Here's a better way:

2. Write down your vision, make a plan, set specific goals

Take some time before January 1 to write down your 2018 vision (or review your existing vision) in as much detail as possible: Where do you live by December 31, 2018? How much money are you making? How? Who are you working with (colleagues, clients, partners,...)?

Based on your vision, make a plan: Define some concrete goals for 2018; then set dates for these goals. Now ask yourself: How do you get there? What action steps are required? What resources do you need (training, an investor, a loan, a specific device, a coach, etc.)? 

Then start taking action towards your 2018 plan on January 1. Yes, right after you roll out of bed after an enthusiastic New Year's celebration, take one specific action step towards the first goal on your plan! Acknowledge your first step and keep moving forward on your path to success. 

And if not all goes as planned...

3. Elevate your energetic vibration

Action alone often doesn't take us where we want to be. Have you ever felt like the harder you pushed, the more obstacles seemed to show up? That's usually a sign that some inner work must be done in parallel to all the action-taking.

Elevating our vibration requires some daily attention, as we are constantly affected by our "circumstances" and "negative experiences" as well as the emotions and energy waves of the world that surrounds us. Here are some simple ways to elevate your vibration:

  • Be grateful for what you have now and the amazing things you will have, including all opportunities for growth
  • Make peace with the past and release guilt, regret and resentment
  • Affirm that you are ready to let go of any self-imposed limitations, dis-empowering emotions and limiting subconscious beliefs that you may not be aware of; visualize them moving out of your energy even if you don't know their nature
  • Go inward and connect with your inner power, the power of your Higher Self, which is limitless. Feel the truth of the fact that you can create whatever you want.

 Then go forth into your 2018 and play to win!