Higher Profits with a More Diverse Leadership Team

Distinguish yourself in your industry as a trailblazer for gender diversity, easily attract and retain high-caliber female talent, and improve your bottom line by reducing your turnover costs and increasing your revenues with more diverse executives on your team.

When the women in your organization are empowered to contribute their competency, creativity and emotional intelligence, and to bring specific "feminine" values, like transparency, sustainability and risk awareness into your Leadership Team; when critical decisions have a solid foundation of diverse perspectives that represent the market; that's when the magic of diverse leadership happens: Enhanced collective creativity boosts innovation, more balanced decision-making leads to better decisions, product offerings become more consumer-oriented and therefore capture larger markets, and a women-friendly brand image attracts not only top female talent but also more female customers. 

My Workshops and Coaching Programs crack the code to create authentic, powerful women leaders. My system Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT) helps high-performing women step up to their full potential by learning how to access their power, while developing their authentic leadership style. They learn how to break through to a self-empowering mindset and heart-set, bring out their distinctive uniqueness, and embody their power by empowering their bodies. The result is a confident, compelling presence and a strong, positive self-image, which enables them to boldly move up to the top leadership ranks, and as a result create more wealth for their companies, their clients, and themselves.



Organizations with at least 30% of women in C-suite leadership positions have 6% higher profits

Our mission is to help companies attract, create, and retain more female leaders. As powerful leaders, women can make a bigger impact and generate more substantial results and higher profits for their companies and themselves. An empowering mindset, distinctive uniqueness, a body-conscious presence, and effective action are the primary focus of my system Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™, which allows our clients to step up to their next level and achieve their leadership goals and success beyond traditional ways. 


Our unique Transformational Approach gets to the heart of the subconscious. We help our clients break through to a more powerful mindset because a limiting mindset is often what’s holding them back from playing big and achieving the success they desire. The result is a confident, compelling presence, which allows them to move into the spotlight, gain visibility, and accelerate their careers. This work has earned me a reputation as a "Power Shifter" and "Presence Alchemist."

With our unique approach to Humanize the Workplace, we coach leaders to build trust and a safe environment, where all can thrive and are encouraged to contribute their most creative ideas.

Transformational Leadership emphasizes inspiring others to bring their best self for the joint success of their teams and organizations. Transformational leaders welcome and know how to leverage the complementary talents and skills of diverse teams. They have the ability to lead inclusively. They set the foundation for effective co-creation, and as a result, increased creativity and innovation. Transformational leaders inspire by example. They create a basis for trust, where different perspectives are welcome. Through their leadership style, they support an organizational culture where all are encouraged to contribute their unique brilliance and genius, and where all can thrive.

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We’ve worked with diverse clients, including:


Mission Statement

It is our mission to drive female advancement so we can all benefit from more diverse leadership teams. Greater gender diversity doesn’t only favor the women. Greater diversity also positively impacts their organizations and communities, and therefore the economy and society at large. As studies show, more diversity leads to enhanced creativity, more balanced decision-making and risk-taking, and ultimately an improved bottom line and sustainable growth.

Leaders in HR, Talent Development and Diversity & Inclusion have been challenged by their companies’ declarations to improve their diversity numbers, while often not seeing substantial progress despite all the training they put into place.

We work with innovative companies that are committed to driving female advancement and willing to experiment with a new approach to drive their efforts forward. Our approach focuses on actionable power tools, a holistic system for women in business to increase their presence and visibility, have their voices heard, and gender-inclusive co-creation.

Intentional co-creation between women and men doesn’t only lead to higher team effectiveness and job satisfaction on both sides, but also to better results in business. Co-creation is also a centerpiece of C-IQ Conversational Intelligence® (by CreatingWE/Judith Glaser), an integral component of our group coaching and some of our workshops.

This is what we stand for. It is why we do what we do.

Are you a Coach, Speaker or Trainer who wants to complement their current coaching, speaking and teaching services with (additional) workshop content? I have created a PLT™ Certification Program for you that allows you to do that after just a few virtual training sessions with me. Corporate licenses are also available for this program.