• Want to increase their visibility in meetings but struggle with speaking up enough

  • Feel invisible and ignored at work as their contributions are not being acknowledged

  • Feel stuck in their position and don’t know how to make it to the next level

  • Know they deserve a higher raise or bonus but don’t know how to obtain it

  • Know they are competent but are hesitant to apply for promotions due to self-doubt or perceived barriers

  • Are striving to upgrade their business presence so they can be in full command of their careers

  • Want to demonstrate their leadership potential so they are considered for leadership positions

  • Are committed to creating more success and wealth their teams, their organizations, and themselves


I was an official Coach at the 2017 Diversity Women's Business Leadership Conference, and was invited to coach again at the 2018 Conference



In this one-on-one 3-hour session, I support career women with a specific challenge they need to resolve immediately so they can move ahead in their careers. 

Clients choose this option when 

  • they need help preparing for before an important presentation, job interview, or similarly challenging event
  • they are transitioning into a new position and feel intimidated by its requirements
  • they are dealing with a disruptive conflict at work
  • they want to create a vision for their next level in their careers
  • they are looking for guidance to move through a specific situation with their teams

"In less than an hour, Regina transformed my thinking, and not only set a fire in me to want to speak out, but made me confident that I could do it."
Mariam Garuba



Fully customized one-on-one transformational coaching program that helps the candidate clear what’s in her way to her next level, break through to a more powerful mindset, magnify her unique qualities, and upgrade her business presence. This allows her to step into her full potential, gain visibility and phase into a higher-level role.

This coaching program is based on my system Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™ and tailored to the participant’s specific needs and the requirements of her current or future role in the organization. 

Sessions over phone, Skype or zoom and unlimited email access.

"I am so happy that I met Regina at the Diversity Woman conference in October. After an initial conversation with her, I really resonated with her mission to help woman speak powerfully and grow transformational leaders. I was at a turning point in my career. I had just stepped into a new role, where I was suddenly responsible for helping drive the technical direction of my team, instilling best practices, and for representing them externally and internally. I was terrified!  In our initial conversation, Regina and I set goals for what we wanted to accomplish together and what I ultimately wanted my life to look like. I learned that my words have meaning, consciously and subconsciously and the value of co-creational language. After 8 sessions, my goals were realized faster than I had imagined. I got a raise within 2 months and will be making a case for Level 3 (senior engineer) in just a week. Regina was worth it and I will definitely be working with her again in the future."

Renisha Nellums, QA Automation Engineer, Research and Development @ Indeed

"Regina has helped me understand my value and potential beyond my current role. She has been instrumental in setting me up for success in my next role and continues to be a trusted advisor. I have already referred her to a fellow executive at my company, as well as to the executive coaching team."
M. K., Executive, Silicon Valley