I Dare You to Kick 2018 off like a Champion

What words do you want to say in December 2018 about the year that's about to end?

What are your plans for the coming year? What are the words you want to say on December 31, 2018? Maybe something along the lines:

  • I upgraded my own career and that of the people I touched.
  • I have created the success I want and I am bringing in the money I need to live my desired lifestyle, while making a major impact.
  • I am doing the work I love, while generating massive income.
 Image by Gerd Altmann

Image by Gerd Altmann

Want to play big in 2018? - Let's get started!
1. Ditch your New Year's resolutions
2. Write down your vision, make a plan, set specific goals
3. Elevate your energetic vibration

1. Ditch your New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions are usually some type of self-promises we haven't been able to keep in the past, like: "This year I'll quite smoking. This year I'll work out several days a week. This year I'll make more money.... blablabla..."

Be honest with yourself: How many of your New Year's resolutions have ever been effective? - If you're like most people, probably not that many. Chances are that you got more frustration than results. That's because most of these resolutions have too much resistance attached to them. Rather than excitement, they cause anxiety. They don't seem appealing to us and even less to our subconscious mind... because they are opposed to our past experiences or our real self-expectation. We have disappointed ourselves before by not keeping these promises. Why would we do better just because the year is 2018?

If your New Year's resolution don't feel good, ditch them! -- Here's a better way:

2. Write down your vision, make a plan, set specific goals

Take some time before January 1 to write down your 2018 vision (or review your existing vision) in as much detail as possible: Where do you live by December 31, 2018? How much money are you making? How? Who are you working with (colleagues, clients, partners,...)?

Based on your vision, make a plan: Define some concrete goals for 2018; then set dates for these goals. Now ask yourself: How do you get there? What action steps are required? What resources do you need (training, an investor, a loan, a specific device, a coach, etc.)? 

Then start taking action towards your 2018 plan on January 1. Yes, right after you roll out of bed after an enthusiastic New Year's celebration, take one specific action step towards the first goal on your plan! Acknowledge your first step and keep moving forward on your path to success. 

And if not all goes as planned...

3. Elevate your energetic vibration

Action alone often doesn't take us where we want to be. Have you ever felt like the harder you pushed, the more obstacles seemed to show up? That's usually a sign that some inner work must be done in parallel to all the action-taking.

Elevating our vibration requires some daily attention, as we are constantly affected by our "circumstances" and "negative experiences" as well as the emotions and energy waves of the world that surrounds us. Here are some simple ways to elevate your vibration:

  • Be grateful for what you have now and the amazing things you will have, including all opportunities for growth
  • Make peace with the past and release guilt, regret and resentment
  • Affirm that you are ready to let go of any self-imposed limitations, dis-empowering emotions and limiting subconscious beliefs that you may not be aware of; visualize them moving out of your energy even if you don't know their nature
  • Go inward and connect with your inner power, the power of your Higher Self, which is limitless. Feel the truth of the fact that you can create whatever you want.

 Then go forth into your 2018 and play to win!

No One Owns Your Career but You

When I ask women how they feel about their careers, I seldom hear an outright “awesome!” Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have used that word myself for my corporate career either. I had some amazing opportunities come my way. I loved working at The Boston Consulting Group, and I feel tremendously blessed to have “stumbled” into that firm fresh out of college. Working for BCG was one of the best choices I ever made. But in hindsight, there was always something missing. Not because of what I was offered, but because of what I didn’t ask for.

If you have ever felt this way, read on.

Here are three important facts I learned over the years:

1.       No one has as much interest in your career as you.

2.       Opportunities only show up when you are open to them.

3.       No one can read your mind.

 Photo by Igor Link

Photo by Igor Link


1.       No one has as much interest in your career as you.

You may have a well-meaning boss or a mentor but let’s face it: You are the one who benefits the most from your successful career and you are the one who has to live with your paycheck. All areas of your life are impacted by your career. Other people have their own lives and challenges. You are not at the center of attention of everyone else’s life.

Take ownership. Look at yourself: What do you bring to the table? Block out an hour this week to take stock of your brilliance, your “distinctive uniqueness.” No one has the exact same background as you. Write down all the amazing talents and skills you have. What experiences have helped you become the powerful woman you are? What’s your story? What have you accomplished so far (in any area of your life)? Make a list of your accomplishments and take a moment to acknowledge yourself for them.

2.       Opportunities only show up when you are open to them.

Don’t underestimate your own potential, or you may not even see your best opportunities. Your subconscious mind is an effective filter mechanism that suppresses your attention to everything that’s not within your perceived options for yourself. It takes it off your radar. So it’s well possible that you have been missing out on opportunities just because they “haven’t shown up for you,” although they actually have been there. Upgrade your self-belief. Take a moment to feel into your potential. Go back to your list of all the awesome things you have achieved to date. I’m sure it’s impressive. Based on these accomplishments, what else is possible for you? Remember, no one limits us but ourselves.

With that in mind, write down your vision of your dream career: Where do you work, what position are you in, who’s on your team? Who are your clients? Once you are clear on your vision, you’re in a good position to define what your next step towards this vision should be. What is that next level for you? What would be an immediate upgrade, however small (or big)?

Then look around with different eyes. It’s a bit like refreshing your browser: You will see that new search results will now pop up on your “screen.” Grab them! It’s time to make a move, today.

3.       No one can read your mind.

Once you have identified your next-level job or promotion options, go for them. No one can read your mind. It’s your role to ask for what you want.

Polish up your resume, speak to the relevant contacts in your organization, apply, even if you think you don’t have all the requirements. Remember that it’s impossible to have all the experience described in your next-level job posting; if you did, it would be same level or a step down.

If you think that you’re not qualified enough, not experienced enough, not prepared enough, that’s a lie. It’s easy to find a “not enough” when we look for an excuse. Trust that you can do it, and others will as well.

You may think there’s bias at your firm that could work against you. It may be subtle, it may even be obvious. My humble advice? For your purpose to get promoted, forget about bias. Jump right over it. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Whatever works. The more attention you give any signs of bias, the more they will slow you down. And that’s the last thing you want, right?

Alternatively, you could always look outside and apply for a job in a more favorable culture. Just do something. Don’t get stuck. Take action. Speak up for yourself.

Now is the time to do the work you love, to make the money you want, to move up in your career. There is no better time.

No one owns your career but you. Take it to the level of your choice.

What's Your "WHAT IF?"

Have you had this thought lately: "OMG, another year is almost over and I'm still not where I want to be in my career?" Do you feel stuck with your success goal? If so, read on.

First things first: Did you write your goal down? If not, do it. Research shows that it's easier to achieve what we write down.

It makes sense: Written words can only come from a certain degree of clarity on what exactly it is that we want to achieve. Vague goals are not useful; they can even lead to overwhelm and frustration, and in extreme cases to discouragement and despair. Clear, concrete goals in writing give our mind something to work with, both on a conscious and a subconscious level. Clear goals in writing modify our subconscious filters. We can now see opportunities that we previously may have overlooked. Plus, seeing our goal on paper or on the computer screen also makes it more tangible and concrete, and therefore more viable and attainable. 

Writing our goal down is also a way of facing it. If you're like me, you have a thousand fantastic ideas all day long, big and small. Some become goals or even projects or plans in our minds. But then life happens,... and if we don't write them down, they disappear as fast as they came.

Once you have your goal in front of you, thoughts of doubt may be creeping in: "This seems hard. Maybe this goal is too big for me. I may not be experienced enough, skilled enough, prepared enough. What if I'm not ready? I don't think I have the resources to make this happen. I don't have the right connections. I can't do possibly do this..." Or you may just feel outright fear... fear of being vulnerable, fear of rejection, fear of being ridiculed, fear of failure,... You know what I'm talking about. We often cultivate negative fantasies about imaginary threats, and it's always easy to find a reason for not taking action when we look for an excuse to stay in our "discomfort zone." (I don't call it "comfort zone" because it's not really comfortable to stay stuck, is it?)

When you experience any of these self-imposed limitations, that's when you must turn your limiting thoughts and feelings around. It's easier than you think, with what I call "Empowering What if Questions." Let me give you a few examples:
What if I could achieve this goal with ease?
What if I had everything I need to attain this goal? 
What if I could ask for help?
What if I could find the people and resources I need?
What if I were more powerful than I think?
What if I were enough?

 Photo by John Hain

Photo by John Hain

Create your own Empowering What if Questions as you move through your day and observe how this changes your outlook and provides you with better choices. 

Maybe you have tried positive affirmations before, and they can work great if repeated consistently over a period of time. However, if they haven't worked for you, it could be because your subconscious programming is not aligned with your affirmation, and that's why the affirmation is rejected on a subconscious level. Positively framed questions often work better, as they open up possibilities, and our subconscious finds it easier to play with a possibility than a fact it has not experienced yet. That's why I love "Empowering What if Questions." Experiment with them and share with me how they change your perception of what's possible for you.

You have the power to change your attitude and create the reality you want to see for yourself. Your words shape the reality you perceive. Stop ruminating on worries and cultivating imaginary negative outcomes. Re-frame your thoughts, focus on positive What if questions and diminish your anxiety so you can show up powerfully at all times.

Sooo... What if you could create the success you want? 


What’s Right with You?

Have you ever felt like something’s wrong with you?

Innumerous times, we’ve been told or made believe that we are weird, we don’t fit in, and therefore, something’s obviously wrong with us. As kids, we are taught to leave our own ideas and fantasies behind and play the adults’ game instead… because they got it all figured out and we don’t. At school, if we looked different, we were bullied. It was like: “If you see a suspicious haircut or head cover or pimple, protect yourself and insult that kid…” In many of us, this deeply hurt our self-esteem and confidence, and some of us may have been traumatized. We felt rejected and this made us feel as if we’re somehow not worthy of love, acceptance or success.  

Early on in life we learned that it was safer to either blend in with the general trend or go unnoticed. We were taught to conform, and when we didn’t, we were reprimanded by our parents or teachers, or excluded by our schoolmates. Most of us were expected to be great at math, languages, science,… but not at putting together flashy outfits, displaying unique styles or having any preferences that were not “mainstream.” Many families still expect their children to be doctors, lawyers or bankers, or at least have a college degree in some subject that’s aligned with their idea of a decent profession. As if these were the only and best options to be successful, independent of their offspring’s individual talents and preferences…

Looking different, speaking differently, behaving in any way that was not “normal” was undesirable and resulted in rejection or even exclusion. It was an impediment rather than an advantage.

But here’s the thing: Do we seriously think that it’s an accident that every single one of the 7.6bn people on this planet has a different DNA? If we all were doctors and lawyers, we’d have no restaurants to go to, no food at the supermarkets and no heating in our homes (let alone apartments). So, I guess it makes sense that we were born with different gifts and personalities. And the fact that no one has the exact same talents as you is not an accident. It’s because the world needs exactly you and what you have to offer. It needs the best version of you, the best version of who you already are. It needs your authentic brilliance, your specific greatness. That’s what in my work, I call Distinctive Uniqueness.

 Photo by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

Photo by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

We have been told over and over we must work on our weaknesses (now disguised as “areas for improvement”), rather than focusing on building on our innate strengths and abilities. Admittedly, it makes sense to be aware of our lesser talents, areas we’re not naturally great at… so we know who we need to bring onto our team that can complement us in those areas. What we’re not supposed to be, is perfect.

I love generating content for workshops but am a useless graphic designer. Why would I want to spend precious time, money and energy to study graphic design and create my own flyers if there are people out there who are awesome designers and love doing it?

The same applies to corporate teams: Why would I as a Team Leader ask you to invest precious time and energy to become great at everything when I can bring others onto my team who are already great at it? Doesn’t it make more sense to let you do the work you are excellent at? And what if there’s even much more potential in this excellency? Potential you haven’t had a chance to show because we’ve been focusing so much on your “areas for improvement?”

So the question is not: “What’s wrong with me?” Instead, ask: “What’s right with me?”  How can you maximize your brilliance, your genius, your Distinctive Uniqueness to your own benefit and that of the entire team? What’s there that you haven’t uncovered yet? If you could contribute more to your own success and that of your team, what would it be?

Or if you are a business owner: What are your unique qualities? How can you turn them into an asset for your business? How can they help you stand out in a crowded market so you can cash in on them?

If you’d like to explore this for yourself but don’t know how, apply for a Discover Your Distinctive Uniqueness session. Go to the Coaching page and click on the Schedule a Consult button. For you to be considered, fill out all the fields, and I’ll contact you to confirm your session.

Step into your most powerful, authentic self!