Together, We Can Drive Diversity in Leadership

Drawing from my extensive corporate experience in six countries, I have developed a top Transformational Leadership Practice for Business Women, and I am now known as a Power Shifter and Career Accelerator, Diversity & Co-Creation Advocate, Speaker with a Passion for Dance, and Author of Speak up, Stand out and Shine – Speak Powerfully in Any Situation, as seen on The Huffington Post.

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With my signature system, Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT), I work with companies to transform top female performers into top leaders so they can make a bigger impact and generate more business for companies, clients, and themselves. With my guidance, organizations can unlock the strengths of the talent they already have, to cut down on turnover costs. Regina focuses on driving fast results for her coaching clients by emphasizing an empowering mindset and a compelling, confident presence, enabling them to accelerate their careers, while making an outstanding contribution to their organizations.

I speak five languages and have over 18 years of international experience in the corporate business world, including management positions at The Boston Consulting Group in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, where my primary focus was on HR; career & performance management; training & talent development; operations & budgeting; and office build-outs. At BCG, I also had a leading role in opening two new offices in Portugal and Brazil, as well as several international projects throughout Europe and Latin America. As an entrepreneur, I owned two businesses in Argentina and Brazil, and I translated 12 books on dance, culture, politics and science. My eclectic background allowed me to develop a special skill set that flows into my unique transformational approach. 

I am a Certified Leadership Ambassador at Take The Lead Women and a C-IQ® Enhanced Skills Practitioner (Conversational Intelligence® by Judith Glaser/CreatingWE Institute) focusing on co-creation and coaching team leaders to navigate successfully through conversation. I serve as Co-Chair of the NYC Financial Women's Association's (FWA) Distinguished Speakers Committee. I am a leading member of Global Women Game Changers, and an Executive Global Mentor at UAMDC (UAE-Africa Mentoring Development Consortium). I am also a Premier member of Women Speakers Association (WSA). In 2017, I supported several initiatives and conferences in Ghana (SOS Jobs4Women Ghana; Africa Internship Academy) and South Africa (WOVSA – Women of Value South Africa), and served as Coach at the Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. I am co-hosting the Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Africa Conference in Cameroon and I am collaborating with several other Africa- and U.S.-based projects that support start-ups and women. I am a Mentor at Galvanize Inc (urban campus and workspace for tech start-ups).

In September 2017, I was featured on Forbes.

My offering includes private coaching programs as well as group workshops, and I am available as a speaker for your conferences and events. Access my Professional Speaker Profile and Author Page


Regina Huber

Transformational Leadership Coach

International Speaker with a Passion for Dance 

Author of Speak up, Stand out and Shine

Advocate for Inclusive Diversity and Co-Creation with Positive Bottom Line Results